Water egress through fractures

Restek were approached by Alpheus Environmental to look at a variety of fractures to a water treatment balancing tank located at Pride Park near Derby. Following our initial visit after heavy rainfall we made a second site inspection to take a detailed measure of the fractures which displayed signs of ingress. On this occasion the weather was cooler than during the previous visit and some of the egress had not evaporated, highlighting more areas of concern. Often these cracks are only hairline in width and are barely visible, however these can still extend through the entire thickness of the concrete. Unfortunately, these fractures were showing clear signs of water transport and as a result the reinforcement within the structure was showing signs of iron staining from the corrosion to the reinforcement in the concrete to the cracks on the external face of the tank. We also noted that there were leaks to the base of the tank along kicker joints as well as leaks to the pipe penetrations. Although the water ingress appeared to be localised within a small area it was highly likely that once sealed, water would track along to an adjacent weak point. We therefore needed to seal the full length of the construction joints to ensure a water-tight seal and avoid any return visits which would require the tanks to be drained down once more.

In addition to leaking along the kicker joints, located to the base of the tank, there were a number of vertical joints that also required attention.

To combat these problems, we recommended the use of a combination of structural resins to bring the balancing tank back to its original design specification and prevent any further deterioration of the building components whilst forming a water tight seal that would allow for the slightest movements.

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"A successful structural repair project needs more than just a good contractor"

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